Rechargeable capsules Emocup | Nespresso

Rechargeable capsules provide you with a fantastic flavor and a delicious layer of cream on your coffee and it also can be used with different varieties of tea, thereby improving the Nespresso machine you use.

What do you offer rechargeable Nespresso capsules?

Save money

With rechargeable capsules Emohome enjoy your favorite coffee in a very economical manner.

100% Compatible

With coffee machines Masters, U, Pexie, Citiz, Essenza and latissima.

other drinks

With rechargeable capsules Emohome you can prepare coffee, milk, chocolate, tea, fruit juices and plenty of drinks with your Nespresso machine.

páctico use

Rechargeable Emohome capsules are easy to use, recharge in seconds you Emohome and rechargeable capsule Enrich your Nespresso machine.

Respect the enviroment

Rechargeable Emohome capsules are made of high quality plastic used in medical and food industry to withstand high temperatures. They are 100% recyclable and can be destroyed without polluting the environment.

The 4th generation of rechargeable tea capsules Nespresso offer: Stainless steel filter at the top and at the bottom.

Prevents leakage of powder from the bottom.
Increases usage times.
Get a more optimal result.